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Fancy seeing you here! 👋
We're making the world a (slightly) better place — join us on our journey to fix software.
We work remotely and async. Currently spread across four time zones: from the Western coast of the Pacific, through New York and London, all the way to the East Coast of the Pacific. Self-starters who communicate well in writing do well over here.

QA Engineers

TestTheTest is an engineering focused organization. For this job, the results are more important than the tools you use: we experiment with no-code tools, remote machines, write our own browser plugins or Linux distribution — if it makes sense.
We'd love to hear from you if:
  • You know what Selenium, Cypress or Playwright is, and you understand at least one of those well
  • You can build a CI/CD pipeline to run tests (and ideally have experience with AWS CodePipeline and running Headless in Docker containers)
  • You communicate well, can help manual testers improve, and explain anyone about the difference between a Gherkin and a Cucumber
  • Extra points for having built frontend apps, extra-extra points if you used frameworks such as React to do so

AI Researchers

If your home page is HuggingFace, we want to hear from you.
We want to automate many things around QA and testing. Much of this effort is research-and-development in nature, where the actual day-to-day work involves generating training data and running experiments such as:
  • Using a combination of OCR and object detection, we can extract text buttons, forms, text, images from Windows/Mac apps, websites and mobile apps.
  • From here, we use NLP and text generation for automatic feature detection, draw up sitemaps and generate test cases.
  • On websites, we can use session reply data to generate automated tests, detect failures and help them "self-heal".
  • Our analysts may record videos of sessions where they use apps, and then we process those videos to match up the correct screens to last week's session.

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